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Marketing, Public Relations, Training


Tania Shirgwin

bizeez communications is a South Australian based creative agency catering primarily to the tourism, hospitality, and wine industries.

We are a multi-channel agency not only working within the social media sphere, but also across numerous digital channels such as email marketing, search marketing, ppc marketing, remarketing, app marketing, web solutions, event marketing, (and the list goes on…) as well as working within the once traditional sphere of print, radio, tv and pr.

We call this modern marketing, as this integrated multi-channel marketing is what it takes for wine producers in 2017 to be found, engage, make sales and grow.

By working collaboratively with our clients, we produce work that builds strong brand awareness, fosters genuine customer loyalty and increases wine sales.

Since our launch in 2010 we have worked with clients including wineries, food producers, chefs, restaurants, accommodation providers and industry specific organizations. We have created marketing strategies, training programs and offered support to address a wide range of marketing and PR needs from eCommerce websites, search marketing, digital and social, app development through to global festival and event promotions.

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