Bronson & Jacobs


1 Nicholson Street
VIC 3002

Major Products: Specialist wine ingredients, Flavours, Acidulants & Chemicals

Contact Person: Paul Harris

Bronson & Jacobs / Ixom (formerly Orica Chemicals) has extensive industry experience, Our service, market and product knowledge is what makes Bronson & Jacobs the Vital Ingredient for our customers and our principal suppliers. We are able to bring you comprehensive assistance across our product range and your application categories. Together with our world leading Principals we aim to deliver technical innovation, application technology, superior service and customer satisfaction.

From crush to bottling, choose Ixom’s Bronson & Jacobs for your Vital Ingredients.  Ixom are the market specialists in acidulants, flavours, chemicals (cleaning & sanitation) & water treatment.

Ixom / Bronson & Jacobs product range:

  • Specialist wine ingredients – sole agent for Changmao Biochemical Engineering Company specialising in L(+) Tartaric Acid , Cream of Tartar,  DL & L Malic Acid
  • Keith Harris Flavours  – in-house flavour specialist and product development laboratory
  • Acidulants & Phosphates – Citric/Citrates, Ascorbic, Lactic/lactates, Phosphates
  • Sweeteners – Stevia, Aspartame, Neotame, Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Glucose
  • Large range of Fruit concentrates
  • Hydrocolloids/stabilisers – Carrageenan, Gum Arabic & Pectins
  • Preservatives and Antioxidants
  • Cleaning & Sanitation chemicals – internal & external detergents, foam cleaners & sanitisers
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