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Vic 3350

Major Products: Wine Press Membranes

Contact Person: Chris McDonald

Don’t risk your Vintage! CE Bartlett offer replacement membranes to suit all makes of air bag wine presses. We also offer membrane repairs, so why not repair your old membrane to use as a back up.

Established in 1956, C.E. Bartlett is a family owned and operated Industrial Textile Fabricator specialising in the custom manufacture of a vast range of products. Located in Ballarat Victoria, Bartlett’s team of approximately 100 employees utilise the latest in manufacturing technology and equipment to ensure all products are designed and fabricated to exact specifications in an efficient and quality assured manner.

Bartlett membranes are manufactured using world class fabric capable of tolerating massive amounts of flex, combined with the strongest abrasion properties possible. This is the reason most Australian wineries and an increasing number of US wineries rely on a Bartlett membrane for their presses. Backed by our 3 year warranty, you won’t find a better membrane than a Bartlett membrane.

Contact Details:

C.E. Bartlett Pty Ltd
Phone – Toll Free: 1800 115 440
Phone (03) 5339 3103
Fax (03) 5338 1241
Email: wine@bartlett.net.au
Web: http://www.bartlett.net.au

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