259 Fullarton Road
South Australia 5063

Major Products: Scale, salinity, iron, irrigation, water

Contact Person: Brian Wilkinson

In the world of sustainable need this is a truly outstanding water conditioning technology that simply yet effectively solves most problems caused by bonded minerals in water.

Australian made and owned, Hydrosmart’s patented computerised water conditioner generates unique frequencies to provide a scientifically proven, consumable free solution to a wide range of real water issues, these range from :

•    salinity and corrosion management ( ability to irrigate using saline water without crop, plant damage).
•    Scale removal and prevention from pipes, plumbing, infrastructure
•    water softening without water softeners
•    iron removal and prevention from pipes, sprays, drippers and all surfaces in full time water contact.
•    increased yields and flavour ( scientifically documented )
•    improved plant growth with less fertilisers by taking what are otherwise scale forming minerals in hard water sources and converting to plant friendly nutrient instead.
•    Water clarity improvement

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