JMA Engineering


Jury Road
South Australia 5343

Major Products:

Contact Person: Mark Johnson

About Us

JMA Engineering – is a manufacturing company based in Berri – South Australia, who for the last 26 years, has specialised in manufacturing and the supply of:

  •   Stainless Steel Wine and Liquid Storage Vessels
  •   Stainless Steel Fabrication
  •   Velo Wine and Brewery Equipment
  •   Structural Steel and Precast Construction
  •   Transport and Crane Hire


J – Jeff…………Production Manager
M – Mick………Structural Construction Division
A – Andy………Stainless Division
They have combined their skills to develop and grow the company into one of the most reputable companies supplying the wine industry across Australia.

In their own words, they strive:

“To be the best and most respected supplier of Tanks for storage, fermentation process, equipment and construction to the wine and other associated industries”

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