JMP Holdings Pty Ltd


50 Bond Street
Victoria 3195

Major Products: Envirotuff Thermal Protection Liners, Slip Sheets, Dunnage Bags, Desiccant, Export Pallets, Carry / Bottle Bags, Flexitanks, Cargo Care, Retail Packaging

Contact Person: Jason Beattie

JMP Holdings specialises in the supply of cargo care, retail, industrial and bulk packaging products. We provide a fully global network to service our clients around the world. Much of our product range is centred around the wine industry and we look forward to servicing your needs

·   Retail Packaging | Paper, Plastic, Enviro & Compostable Bags, Gift Boxes, Tissue Paper, Ribbon

·   OnlinePackaging | eTail Courier Bags, Packing Boxes, Bubble eTail Courier Bags

·   Food Packaging | Bioplastic Food Trays, Caterers Foil Trays and Wrap, Baking Paper

·   Transport & Distribution
| Plastic, Cardboard & Compressed Wood Pallets, Slipsheets, Dunnage Bags, Desiccants

·   Bulk Product Distribution
| Thermal Barrier Liners, Bulk Container Liners, Flexitanks

·   Bamboo Copy Paper
| Enviro friendly A4 copypaper made from 100% Bamboo

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