Make It Cheaper


Level 5, 100 William Street

Major Products:

Electricity and Gas, Energy Broker. Business, Retail, Consulting, Comparison Services

Contact Person: Mark Pollard

Make It Cheaper is one of Australia’s largest business energy brokers.

  • The service is free
  • The service is available across all types of electricity account – large market (commercial and industrial), SME and household
  • We also do gas
  • The process is quick, simple and easy
  • A bill comparison can be done in a few minutes
  • We can respond to the member in the way they want – email or phone – on the day they want and at the time they want
  • We are not here to disrupt business – but to identify an opportunity to lower overheads for that business – take that opportunity
  • We identify savings in 4 out of 5 businesses

We have set up a WISA dedicated HOTLINE! Call now to start saving: +61 (0)2 8880 5527

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