PO Box 1669 CP
Mildura VIC 3501

Major Products: Viticulture Data Capture Systems

Contact Person: Jeremy Brown

Established in 2006, TracMap is the largest provider of GPS systems in NZ agriculture. Over half of all the fertiliser applied to New Zealand farms is carried out using TracMap guidance systems, and in addition, they are popular for pasture spraying, irrigation shifting, and other farm husbandries. In addition to agriculture we produce and sell systems into aerial agriculture, viticulture, to tractors used for mowing sports fields and road verges, to helicopters used for Search and Rescue, and to water tankers involved in wildfire control in Australia. TracMap’s point of difference from all other systems, and the reason for our rapid expansion, is simplicity and ease of use. We aim to achieve 80% of desirable effectiveness for 100% of users.

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