Utilacor Pty Ltd


Level 1, 24-30 Camberwell Road
Vic 3123

Major Products: Saving you money through energy management

Contact Person: Cameron Howell

Utilacor has 20 years of energy management experience assisting clients to reduce energy consumption, identify savings and reduce costs.

We work across a broad range of sectors in agribusiness, including grape and wine producers.  Partnering with Utilacor ensures savings and inefficiencies do not go unnoticed and opportunities to improve energy use (and reduce emissions) are acted upon and realised.

Our clients are able to achieve their energy management goals, by leveraging Utilacor’s:

  • unique market position;
  • intricate understanding of the energy market;
  • valued relationships &
  • proven methodology.

Our Energy Management capabilities provides customers with access to a full suite of energy management services that can be simplified into five key functions:

  1. Energy Management Monthly Reporting Service
  2. Performance Based Savings Analytics
  3. Tendering and Negotiation of Energy Contracts
  4. Managed Wholesale Pool Purchasing (via PG Energy)
  5. Consultancy Services
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