WISA Welcomes Technical and Tourism Expertise


27 Jul WISA Welcomes Technical and Tourism Expertise

Wine Industry Suppliers Australia Inc. (WISA), the peak national body representing the grape and wine supply sector, has recently welcomed two new members to its management committee. The appointments of Cheryl-lee Vanagelis, from IMCD Limited, and Robin Shaw, Wine Tourism Australia, fill two casual vacancies which had been open since December’s AGM.

WISA Executive Officer, Matthew Moate, welcomed the two new members and acknowledged the pair added valuable skills to the existing expertise on the committee.

“The addition of Cheryl-lee and Robin to the board provides additional technical and tourism skills and knowledge. WISA has a strong committee because the members have a range of complementary skills. The committee drives value to WISA members by working on positive growth strategies that deliver connections and opportunities across a dynamic supply sector,” said Matthew.

“WISA has been working hard to represent the whole grape and wine industry supply chain and the mix of skills and gender on the committee will be a key factor in the ongoing success of the association.” concluded Matthew.

The appointments have boosted the female representation on the WISA management committee to 40%.

At the May 2017 meeting of the management committee Cheryl-lee Vanagelis, IMCD Limited Account Manager, a long-standing WISA member company, was accepted to the board. Cheryl-lee has 19 years’ experience in the wine industry and has strong connections and engagement across the technical as well as research and development space.

“IMCD has always been an active member of WISA. Today, I watch the WISA naissance with impeccable strength at board level. I admire the new amendment in direction and strategy, surprising most across industry with a totally refreshed mindset and creatively liberal in business decisions.” Cheryl-lee said.

At the June 2017 meeting recent WISA member Robin Shaw, who runs the Wine Tourism Australia consultancy firm, was accepted to fill the remaining casual vacancy position. Robin brings a wealth of experience from a range of positions held across industry, most recently as the CEO of the Adelaide Hills regional wine body. As an internationally-respected expert, speaker and educator in the wine tourism space, Robin sees a significant opportunity to support WISA’s growth in this sector.

“The wine industry supply sector can play a pivotal role in helping their grape and wine producing customers to co-create and maximise tourism opportunities through new product development along with knowledge and skills transfer,” Robin said. “WISA is a strong and relevant body achieving and delivering a high level of value to its members and the broader industry. I look forward to playing my part in helping the organisation grow and increase the capability and competitiveness of tourism related activities.”

WISA was established in 2000 as an independent incorporated association of suppliers to the grape and wine community.

To see a full list of WISA management committee position holders visit: https://wisa.org.au/committee/