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WHO We Are:

Wine Industry Suppliers Australia Inc. (WISA) is a collective of grape and wine industry suppliers, leaders and influencers.

Its members are active and committed to adding value to the grape and wine community.

WHAT We Do:                                         

  • WISA makes an impact in the grape and wine community.
  • WISA makes an impact for its members.
  • WISA promotes and creates real world connections.
  • WISA drives industry communication and advocacy.

HOW We Deliver:

  • WISA outwardly and actively engages across industry.
  • WISA works jointly with other key industry bodies and organisations.
  • WISA has an active voice in setting industry policy and priorities including research. Its members gain easier and greater access to industry knowledge and requirements.
  • WISA connects members, improves awareness of challenges and opportunities and facilitates extension of innovation.

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The WineTech Exhibition is Australia’s leading dynamic supplier trade show. It is supported by a varied content program covering many aspects of the wine value chain. Please check back here or on www.winetechaustralia.com.au for further information and ticketing and attending this event.

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Useful Documents

WFA-WISA Supplier Raw Material Quality Minimum Standard Product Information Declaration

WISA engages with a number of industry bodies to advocate and ensure the technical, business and commercial needs of Suppliers are recognised within industry. Recently WISA and the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA) have collaborated to create a harmonised Supplier Raw Material Quality Minimum Standard Product Information Declaration form. Endorsed by WFA and WISA this form summarises the information that Suppliers of raw materials (additives and processing aids) hold in order to provide evidence of meeting the minimum requirement for food safety, quality and traceability of those raw materials. Moreover, this is a harmonised form that can be used across industry as the first step to meet the needs of those selling and purchasing such raw materials.

WISA and the WFA recommend the adoption of this document across industry.

WFA-WISA PID Explanatory DocumentWFA-WSA PID Form

Wine Packagers Association – Pressure Sensitive Labels Guidelines

In January 2013, several leading contract wine packaging companies joined forces to form the Wine Packagers of Australia association to support our wine industry’s drive towards technical excellence, quality and diversity.

This collaboration will be providing trouble-shooting and technical advice forums for members, as well as for manufacturers and suppliers of packaging materials to the wine industry.

As its first initiative the WPA has produced Guidlines for the Application of Pressure Sensitive Labels the purpose of which is to inform customers, label designers, printers and suppliers of the general requirements for supplied pressure sensitive labels to ensure they are of a size and quality capable of being applied mechanically on automated bottling lines.

download the guidelines